The mat is made of 100% polypropylene seamed into a PVC base, which does not let dust or water in. It is highly resistant to abrasion and has great suction capacity. The length of the mat should correspond to the distance of about 4-6 steps. Combined with TOPWELL, OPENWELL, KARWELL, BRUSHWELL, LAWELL mats will ensure completely clean shoes.

Dimensions: according to the client's requirements (sizes exceeding 2 m in the walking direction are bonded together)

Height: 16 mm

Material: 100 % polypropylene, PVC base

Colour: black/white or brown/white highlights, grey

Weight: 4 570 g/m²

Use: all areas with increased foot traffic - hotels, banks, hospitals, schools, factories etc.


• at floor level in Al-frame 15 / 30 / 2 mm

• freely placed on the floor with a 2 cm wide rubber ledge.

Maintenance: Vacuum, pressure wash or scrub as necessary

Color variants: