A self-supporting mat, made up of support and distance strips, pressed into one another under a certain pressure. This achieves a solid connection and an even distribution of load on the grate. Used for removing rough dirt - mainly mud, stones and snow. It can also be used to cover English courtyards and as a draining grate, where the grate is embedded under the floor level to a prepared drain gutter. The mat also comes with a polymer concrete drained CLEANBOX. To achieve completely clean shoes, we recommend following up with the SHATWELL mat.


Rubber cleaning scrapers are accessories for the SCRAPER mat and should make cleaning shoes more efficient and at the same time should support the anti-skid function of this mat Individual pieces can be inserted into the grate according to the client's requirements. Scrapers are only defined for loop sizes 30 / 10 mm.

Technical specifications for STANDARD grates:

Design: hot zinc

Loop dimensions: 30 / 10 mm

Support strip dimensions: 30 / 2 mm

Grate dimensions:

• 60 / 40 cm module with embedded 30/30 frame

• 60 / 40 module without frame

• any dimension - the length of the support strip must not exceed 120 cm


• at floor level in holes with embedded frame

• freely placed on the floor

Technical specifications for NON-STANDARD grates:

Loop dimensions: 20 / 20 mm, 30 / 30 mm, 40 / 40 mm, 50 / 50 mm, 60 / 60 mm as well as a combination of these dimensions (10 x 40 mm, 10 x 50 mm etc...)

Support strip dimensions:

• for a maximum load of 1.5 tons: 30 x 3 mm

• for a maximum load of 3 tons: 40 x 4 mm

• for a maximum load of 9 tons: 50 x 5 mm

• for a maximum load of 30 tons: 70 x 5 mm

Grate dimensions: according to the client's requirements, non-standard grate dimensions (support, loop sizes) must be consulted with our worker, who will create an individual technical and price offer.


• at floor level in holes with embedded galvanized frame

• freely placed on the floor

Use: entrances to administration buildings, ski areas, under Topwell mats as a support element, English courtyards, stairways, but also in front of family houses