Very efficient mat for outdoor and indoor use. A very rough mat with a distinct wiping function. The mat is remains anti-skid even at very low temperatures. It is used for eliminating rough dirt. The mat has a pleasant appearance and is highly rough when it comes into contact with a shoe. Suitable for both family houses as well as large shopping malls.

Dimensions: according to the client's requirements (maximum size 2 m / 10 m)

Height: 10 mm

Material: PVC/PP

Color: black/red

Weight: 4 000 g/m²

Use: entrances to banks, hotels, airports, restaurants, company entrances..., but also in front of residential houses.


• at floor level in Al-frame 10 x 30 x 2 mm

• freely placed on the floor with a 2 cm wide rubber ledge.

Maintenance: vacuum or splash dirt off with water

Resistance: water resistant 4-5 ISO 105 E 01, abrasion resistant 4-5 ISO 105 X 12 light resistant 7 ISO 105 B 02

Color variants: