The self-cleaning mat is made of flexible rubber waves riveted to aluminium strips. The waves spring underneath a person and therefore automatically clean their shoes. A suitable length shall be selected so that the visitor takes 3-5 steps over the mat. The mat is NOT SELF-SUPPORTING, it must lie entirely on a flat surface ! This is the only mat intended for double-sided use. We recommend following this mat with a SHATWELL textile mat - this way you achieve the complete shoe cleaning experience. Not suitable for riding over with shopping carts and pallet trucks.

Dimensions, material and combination: according to the client's requirements

Weight: 10 kg/m²


• 28 mm

• 22 mm

• 18 mm


• at floor level in L-frame 20 / 30 / 3 mm, 30 / 30 / 3 mm

• freely placed on the floor with aluminium tapered frame - width of 45 mm (up to 120 cm) or 65 mm

Design: aluminium

Resistance: not suitable for riding over with vehicles and pallet trucks.

Use: entrances to hotels, banks, restaurants, administration buildings, but also in front of family houses