The Oktava mat with an open bottom is made for very demanding use and long-term loading. It is resistant to strong climate conditions and various chemicals. Used primarily as an entrance mat for rough dirt, but can also be used as an anti-fatigue mat in workshops by machines and assembly lines.

opened bottom


Material: resilient rubber

Dimensions, material and combination: 150 / 100 cm , 100 / 100 cm , 100 / 75 cm , 150 / 50 cm , 100 / 50 cm, 75 / 50 cm

Weight: 10 kg /m²

Height: 12,5 mm

Connection: individual 150 / 100 cm modules can be connected using connectors and therefore assemble the required dimension.

Color: black


• at floor level in Al-frame 15 / 30 / 2 mm

• freely placed on the floor with 45 mm wide aluminium tapered frame

Maintenance: dirt that falls through shall be swept or vacuumed

Use: entrances to automobile showrooms, shopping centres, administration buildings and ski areas ( ski lift entrances ) etc.


Durable indoor mat

Tiles are made of resistant natural rubber. They are flexible, anti-slipping and can withstand heavy loading. Small holes with diameter of 14 mm in the mat remove dirt, dust and soil and are in compliance with EU standards for public entrances.

This system offers many benefits. Easy installation, individual tiles can be replaced easily after wearing out Simple joining of tiles without use of cement.

Dimensions: According to the client's requirements, the tile size is 50 x 50 cm

Height: 12 mm

Material: Natural rubber

Tile weight: 2 kg/pc

Filling: Fanwell textile mat - black colour