This is a self-supporting mat, the foundation of which are wide grooved aluminium sections connected by a flexible profile, enabling to roll the mat up. Aluminium profiles come with either a rubber strip in the shape of a saw for rough dirt or with a textile strip for fine dirt and water. Suitable for heavy loads!

Dimensions, material and combination: according to the client's requirements, the length is always adapted to the width of the aluminium strip - 60 mm. For random lengths, a rubber end profile is used, guaranteeing the precise mat length.

Weight: 20 kg/m²

Height: 14 mm


• at floor level in L-frame 15 / 30 / 3 mm

• freely placed on the floor with 45 mm aluminium tapered frame

Resistance: 3.5 t/m² - the mat is suitable for heavy loading, for example, cars or pallet trucks.

Use: entrances to shopping centres, hotels, banks, airports, administration buildings, but also in front of family houses

Color variants: