Of course an archaic aesthete will have remarks regarding our synthetic product.

Nevertheless, the key advantage it has over natural material is the means necessary to replace it: piles do not break, fall out, chafe away, and are easy to pressure

wash, its colour remains stable, the material does not shrink etc. It is especially suitable for older historic buildings, in particular for their entrances, but also the corridors of such buildings as a feel-good zone that will withstand even heavier loads.

The mats can be used outdoors for rough and fine dirt. Its consistence makes the mat tailor made for installation in historic buildings.

Dimensions: according to the client's requirements

Height: 10 mm

Material: 100% polypropylene

Colour: sand, black

Weight: 5750 g/ m²

Installation: at floor level in Al-frame 10 / 30 / 2 mm orfreely placed on the floor with a 2 cm wide rubber ledge or with a 45 mm wide aluminium tapered frame.

Maintenance: vacuum, or scrub

Note: our colours are suitable for making mats with logos

Color variants: