The large KARWELL mat is made of resilient rubber with an opened or closed bottom.. Its appearance resembles a honeycomb. Color brushes can be purchased additionally to form a simple logo or mosaic. Suitable for passenger cars!

opened bottom

closed bottom


Dimensions: according to the client's requirements, basic module 150 / 100 cm ( larger dimensions are achieved by bonding )

Weight: 15 kg/m²

Height: 23 mm

Material: natural rubber

Connection: connectors are supplied with 150 / 100 cm modules which form a larger area


• at floor level in Al-frame 25 / 25 / 3 mm

• freely placed on the floor with aluminium tapered frame - width of 45 mm (up to 120 cm), 65 mm or with a 45 mm rubber taper

• the mat can be anchored to the base using the anchoring set consisting of 2 rollers, 2 dowels, 2 screws

Maintenance: turn the entire mat over and empty or vacuum dirt

Resistance: suitable for any loading (without color brushes)

Use: entrances to automobile showrooms, shopping centres, administration buildings and ski areas ( ski lift entrances ) etc.

Color variants: