Cleaning zones consisting of solid HARDWELL mats and installed in large entrance areas (airports, business centres and shopping centres), meet all requirements for the effective operation of vehicles and therefore also people passing through the mats. The mat is made of rubber sections with polyamide filling, firmly and motionlessly connected with aluminium sections. This composition and combination of mats guarantees the perfect removal of dirt in outdoor and indoor areas.

Mats are made in solid modules and therefore cannot be rolled. Nevertheless, modules guarantee support for heavy vehicles without any problems, for example fork lifts or passenger cars. Modules can be rotated for both sided use.

Dimensions: according to the client's requirements, the maximum size of one module is 260 x 60 cm and these can be increased or decreased as required to ensure the area is evenly lined up.

Height: 18 mm

Material: Rubber sections with polyamide fillings, firmly connected with aluminium sections

Colour: grey, black

Weight: 20 kg/m²

Use: Extremely heavy foot, shopping cart and fork lift traffic

Installation: at floor level in Al-frame 20 / 30 / 3 mm, or freely placed on the floor with 65 mm wide aluminium tapered frame

Maintenance: Manual cleaning or machine vacuuming on a regular basis, pressure washing is also an option