The foundation of the mat are resistant PVC modules for very demanding use with an anti-stiatic PA texitile insert. It is used as an entry mat for fine dirt and water. Modules are interlocking for mutual connection. The mat can be cut into any size. Fire resistance BS 4790 / BS 5287.

Dimensions: according to the client's requirements

Square dimensions: 20.5 x 20.5 cm

Height: 16 mm

Material: VC resistant to UV radiation with an anti-static PA textile insert

Base colour: grey - graphite

Textile segment colour: black, grey

Weight: 8.3 kg/m²

Installation: at floor level in Al-frame 15 / 30 / 2 mm, or freely placed on the floor with 65 mm wide aluminium tapered frame

Maintenance: a vacuum is used to remove dirt. Pressure wash with cold water as necessary. The mat can be dismantled to individual squares and cleaned.

Color variants: