CLEANBOX is intended for outdoor use in front of family houses, apartment buildings, small stores etc. If boxes are joined to form a larger area, they can be used in front of shopping malls, schools, hospitals, offices. The BOX is made of polymer concrete with an integrated full-shell galvanized edge (L profile 25 / 20 / 2) and with support elements in the middle. Either the self-supporting TOPWELL 22 mm - STANDARD (rubber peg design), TOPWELL 22 mm - EXTRA (brush with peg alternating), TOPWELL 22 mm - SUPER (brush design), mats or the steel hot zinc coated SCRAPER grate (30 / 10 mm loop sizes) are inserted into the box. If the client requires the box be connected to a draining system, holes are marked and can be perforated if necessary.

Dimensions: 60 / 40 cm, 75 / 50 cm, 100 / 50 cm


• 60x40cm - 13,2 kg,

• boxu 75x50cm - 17,5 kg,

• boxu 100x50cm - 25,6 kg

Height: 8 cm

Material: polymer concrete box with galvanized edge

Maintenance: remove the mat and sweep, vacuum or splash dirt out with water.

Use: entrances to family houses, offices, residential complexes etc.boxu