The foundation of BRUSHWELL mats are black plastic profiles with nylon brushes (polyamide), connected by a stainless steel wire and separated by rubber rings, making it possible to roll the mat for better handling when cleaning. The mat is intended for the first cleaning zone for rough dirt. We recommend the mat be followed by the SHATWELL fine cleaning mat. The BRUSHWELL mat has a vital use, primarily for entrances to buildings, coming for example from clay tennis court surfaces, soccer pitches....and other areas containing fine dirt.

Dimensions: according to the client's requirements

Height: 22 mm

Profile color: black


• at floor level in L-frame 25 / 25 / 3 mm, 20 / 30 / 3 mm

• freely placed on the floor with aluminium tapered frame - width of 45 mm (up to 120 cm) or 65 mm

Resistance: not suitable for riding over with vehicles and pallet trucks.

Use: entrances to hotels, banks, restaurants, administration buildings, entrances to tennis courts, golf greens, but also in front of family houses

Color variants:



dark brown

light brown