The log washer is to be used for gravel washing of the grain size 4-70 mm. The log washer consists of a tank, wich contains 2 rotors. There are several sets of nozzles for gravel spraying in the rear part of the tank. The drive consists of two electric gears.

The most important features of the log washer are:

  • 2-rotor machine desing and intensive water spraying guarantee that the clay and soil in raw material are completely washed off,
  • the rotor lenght is 5 m. It contains shovels from hight quality abrasion rezistant steel with long lifetime. The shovels can be easily exchanget - also the rotor can be easily exchanged due to the screwed construction,
  • the rotor bearigs withstand high load , they are located away from the washer case. Due to such design, there is no risk of the bearings being buried under the raw material and thus their lifetime is not reduced,
  • the washer front is sealed with care to avoid the water leakage,
  • the washer can be delivered on the portable structure with skids . Then the unit is to be installed on the reinforced surface and needs no anchoring.

Parameters of Log washer LW

The parameters must be dealt with individually depending on the relevant conditions.