Dewatering wheels are to be used for the de-watering of gravel sand. The dewatering wheel consists of the tank with ov erflow level, discharge wheel, feeding worm and the drive.The drive consists of the electric gear with frequency converter. Dewatering wheels are produced in two desings - without the feeding worm - marked KD, or with the feeding worm - marked KDS.

The most important features of dewatering wheels are:

  • intensive trapping of the fine raw material particles is reached by large tank capacity, worm, and very long overflower level with special profile,
  • vacuum suction system in the buckets increase de-watering of produkt,
  • there is awear resistant thick exchangeable edge on the front side and exchangeable linings on the sides of the buckets. The bottom consists of an easily exchangeable screen,
  • adjustable lower lining of the outlet chute minimizes raw material reverse fall into the tank, when the bucket is discharget,
  • the dewatering wheel rotary speed, and thus the quantity of the trapped fine particles, can be flexibly changet by the frequency converter,
  • dewatering wheel is of a portable desing, there are skids at the bottom part. When installed , it is sat on a reinforced surface, and there is no need for anchoring,

Parameters of Dewatering wheels KD , KDS

The parameters must be dealt with individually depending on the relevant conditions.