Our strategy is to deliver crushers which can satisfy the majority of the customer's requirements for crushing of raw material and recycled building waste.


The design of HCC, HCU cone crushers considers all significant requirements of the customers for secondary and tertiary raw material crushers - high capacity, operation reliability, simple and cheap operation and ability to crush extremely hard rocks.

HCC, HCU crushers= many advantages:

  • Advanced technology ensuring not only high productivity, but also work safety.
  • Wide range of usage and optimal satisfaction of customers requirements.
  • Robust design resistant against extremely adverse operation effects.
  • High quality of crushed material, mainly the shape of grains satisfying the most demanding requirements of standards.
  • Automatic regulation of adjustment which guarantees the optimal utilization of the crusher.
  • Constant shape of crushing tools during wear increasing their operating life.
  • Compact seating of the crusher and the drive that makes the assembly and putting into operation easier.
  • Flexible seating reduces the load of supporting structure.
  • Automatic oil and grease lubrication significantly reduces the demands on operators.
  • High quality = highly economic operation.

Automatic regulation = better and more economic results of crushing

The HCC, HCU crushers are commonly equipped by a control system, which guarantees maximum utilization of the capacity of the machine and thus reduces the operation costs. The control unit can be integrated into the system of automatic control of the whole technological process. More effective operation of the crusher thus increases the profit and significantly reduces the costs.

Hydraulic regulation = simple operation and maintenance

Reliable, simple and fast hydraulic system to adjust the output slot protects the crusher against overloading and provides an easy discharge of the crushing chamber in case of blockage of crusher operation, while the maximum safety of operators is ensured. The hydraulic set and the oil and grease lubricating system are integrated in one case.

Parameters of HCC, HCU crushers

The parameters must be dealt with individually depending on the relevant conditions.


The Jaw Crushers DC follow the most important requirements for modern jaw crushers - simple design and low weight, while having high capacity and ability to process the biggest pieces of material.

Their robust, but simple technical solution includes an easy kinematic mechanism, which ensures not only the operation reliability and low operation costs, but also an easy adjustment and maintenance. They can be easily integrated into semi-mobile or mobile crushing equipment.

Crushers DC= many advantages:

  • Very low weight reducing the investment costs during crusher installation
  • Single-toggle kinematic mechanism provides a higher performance and better acceptance of bigger pieces of rock into the crushing chamber.
  • Simple design reducing the operation and maintenance costs.
  • Technical solution which significantly reduces the demands for the operators and ensures high work safety.
  • Variety of application - from crushing the quarry aggregate to concrete processing or recycling of the brickwork masonry.
  • High quality = highly economic operation.

Parameters of crushers DC

The parameters must be dealt with individually depending on the relevant conditions.


HIC Impact Crushers can be used for a variety of jobs, including crushing of rock in quarries (limestone, dolomite, sandstone, gravel etc) and processing of building waste for recycling (concrete, brickwork debris, bituminous materials at road reconstruction).

HIC Crushers = many advantages:

  • Advanced technical level which increases the effectivity of the operation.
  • High degree of comminution, excellent shape value of the product.
  • The higher degree of comminution can be enhanced by incorporating an extra crushing route .
  • Variable construction of the box to incorporate the HIC Crushers into stationary lines or mobile equipment.
  • Enclosed rotor body, fixed attachment of crushing bars in the rotor.
  • Compact solution of flexible units, impact plates and crushing plate slot adjustment.
  • An easy access of operators during maintenance due to hydraulic opening of the crusher body.
  • High quality = highly economic operation.

Variable design = wide range of HIC crusher application

There is a wide range of application of HIC Crushers due to variability of their design. The equipment can be adjusted to either stationary or mobile application by changing the location of the feeding hopper. The mobile adjustment complies with the requirements for the minimum height of the feeder and protection against shooting of the aggregate out off the internal space of the crusher.

The extra accessories, the crushing route, of the HIC Crusher increase the crushing effect and the comminution of the crushed material. The name of the crusher with the crushing plate includes mark GB.

The HIC Crushers can be adjusted to crush materials with higher abrasion. The HIC Crusher, which crushes abrasive material, includes A in its name.

There are following HIC Impact Crusher models available:

HIC - should be used for rocks exhibiting low abrasiveness

HIC A - are applicable for rocks of a higher abrasiveness

HIC GB - are suitable for low abrasive rocks if a higher Reduction Ratio is required

HIC FGB - are used for low abrasive rocks at very high Reduction Ratio

Parameters of HIC Crushers

The parameters must be dealt with individually depending on the relevant conditions.


The Roller crushers are used for fine crushing of wide variety of materials. The advantage of this kind of crushing is a significant reduction of occurrence of fine dust particles in the final product.

RCS crushers = many advantages:

  • High technical level focusing on simple operation and maintenance
  • Minimum dust particles in the product
  • The rotor design makes the exchange of worn bandages easie
  • Simple system of crushing slot adjustment and thus adjustment of outlet grain size
  • Simple and unambiguous adjustment of the rotor thrust
  • High quality = highly economic operation.

Construction solution = easy operation and maintenance

The RCS Crusher is easy to install, operate and maintain. The whole crusher, including the rotor drives, is attached to the common frame. The rotor spring-mounting and slot adjustment unit has easily accessible and adjustable control elements.

Parameters of RCS Crushers

The parameters must be dealt with individually depending on the relevant conditions.